An object in motion tends to stay in motion. As it turns out, this law of physics applies not only to celestial bodies but to asset prices. At PMV, our edge comes from a clear understanding of how to exploit the momentum anomaly. 


Like space and time, risk and return are inherently linked along a continuum. Our singular focus is to arrive at the point along this continuum where return is maximized for the risk taken. Since return is unknowable, this is best achieved through a reduction in risk. As diversification is the only known way of reducing risk without sacrificing return, our strategies seek to maximize the benefits of diversification by improving upon traditional portfolio construction techniques through the identification of asset class momentum trends.


I’m particularly proud of the rigor, ingenuity, and insight that has been put into the development of our strategies. By relying on our principles to achieve our goal, we can help our investors to achieve theirs.”

Daniel Snover, CFA, ChFC
President and Chief Investment Officer