The PMV Endowment Creation Program

At PMV, we have developed a unique program that allows investors to create an endowment for their proposed organization.

A set percentage of our management and performance fees will be given to our non-profit partners on an ongoing basis.  We want the growth of our investors' wealth to coincide with a measurable growth in our philanthropic endeavors.


Our Partner Organizations



Investors in our private funds, as well as clients of our Adviser, propose an organization to receive donations.


Given that PMV will be making the donations, we must first approve the proposed organization as well as contact the organization to ensure receptivity to the partnership. In order to minimize potential conflict, PMV will not make donations to political, religious, or divisive organizations. Alternatively, investors may choose from a list of current partner organizations.

PMV Capital

PMV will make ongoing cash donations totaling 10% of management fees collected from the investor’s account


PMV includes both the management fee and the incentive allocation in the donations. 

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Charitable Organizations

Organizations are not required to take any action - the Program was designed to be as frictionless as possible for our partnered charities.


PMV requests that our partnered organizations help raise awareness for the Program, however there is no requirement to do so. While PMV understands that organizations cannot make investment recommendations, the more investors who participate, the more donations the charity receives.

PMV will also raise awareness for the Program separately, and request that the organization permits use of their logo on PMV’s marketing materials, website and press releases.

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Private Fund Investors

For investors who qualify, PMV has a unique offering of private funds that offer strong risk-management, low expected correlation to other assets, and a high degree of return potential.

Adviser Clients

For clients who do not qualify for our private funds, we offer a lineup of separately managed account solutions with impressive active management.

Estimates of donations are based on assumption of 1% annual fee charged on clients in separately managed accounts and assumed rate of modeled return, as well as standard ‘2 or 30’ fee structure, for the private funds. While these are our best estimates, made in good faith, they are likely to differ from actual donations for various reasons.