PMV Capital offers private investment funds designed to hedge market risk.

Perhaps the best-known market anomaly is momentum, or persistency in prices. This simply means that assets which have shown positive performance are more likely to continue rising, while assets that have shown negative performance are more likely to continue falling. 

By combining asset class momentum trends with traditional portfolio construction techniques, the PMV Capital Fund is able to diversify away any one market’s risk. This is what makes it such a great alternative investment, and ‘hedge’ against other assets in your portfolio.

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Existence of Momentum

Momentum is arguably the most documented of market anomalies and has been observed for hundreds of years. Since the price of each asset class is driven by different factors, it likely that there is positive momentum in at least one asset class, despite market conditions, at any given time. 

Asset Class Diversification

When identifying momentum trends, our process seeks a specific relationship: assets that are both trending higher and with low or negative correlation. This unique relationship provides the potential to lower risk without sacrificing returns.

Systematic Process

We believe an investment process should be well defined. This allows for the testing of investment theses and repeatable results. Simulated investment returns from Verified Hypothetical Model. PMV Capital Fund V.S S&P 500

Annualized Return

(Net, Since Inception)


15.92 %

Ending Values

PMV Capital Fund:



Ending Values

S&P 500:



The Verified Hypothetical Model (“VHM”) is provided for illustrative purposes only and should not be construed or relied upon as actual performance and do not represent returns during a time when actual client funds were invested. The VHM does not represent actual trading and may not reflect the impact that material economic and market factors might have had. Net fees are calculated on a monthly basis and assume a fee structure of 2% management fee OR 30% performance incentive allocation, each deducted monthly, subject to a hurdle rate and high-water mark. Any changes to these fee assumptions, negotiated or otherwise, will have a material impact on the investor’s realized returns. Performance is reflected net of brokerage commissions. Returns presented do not include the deductions of administrative fees, including fees charged by custodians, third-party administrators, or auditors.

The Details

The funds of PMV Capital, LLC mentioned on this website have not been recommended, approved or disapproved by the SEC, any state securities commission or any other regulatory authority and none of the foregoing authorities have passed upon, or endorsed the merits of, and funds of PMV Capital, LLC. Any representation to the contrary is a criminal offense

The offer or distribution of this product is restricted exclusively to “accredited investors” under applicable securities laws, inside the United States of America. Accordingly, access to the information on the funds of PMV Capital, LLC contained on this website is limited strictly to “accredited investors” under applicable securities laws. All prospective investors must, at a minimum, meet the financial suitability standards for “accredited investors” under applicable securities and exchange commission (“SEC”) regulations. Definition of an “accredited investors” can be found in rule Title 17, Chapter II, Part 230, §230.501, 

Investment advisory services are offered through PMV Capital Advisers, LLC, an affiliate of PMV Capital, LLC, the owner and responsible party for this site.  Additional information regarding the Adviser, including its fees, can be found in the Adviser’s Form ADV, Part 2, a copy of which is available upon request or online at


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